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"I have sworn upon the altar of God, eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man."

- Thomas Jefferson


About Us

Dear Reader,

Continental Features/Continental News Service is a national and international news-gathering organization and newspaper-feature agency which publishes the periodic 28-page, general-interest newsmagazine Continental Newstime (ISSN 1096-1712), that is heavy on news, information, and feature content and that is now into its 32nd year. Celebrating our 36th anniversary on August 19,2017, CF/CNS specializes in covering the unreported and under-reported world and national (U.S.) news/information, through Continental Newstime newsmagazine...Continental Newstime is not available on the Internet.

In publishing Continental Newstime, we are influenced by market research which recommended that we examine and review government and professional studies and reports, which emphasized that readers expect investigative reports and muck-raking journalism, which revealed that readers appreciate the turn of phrase that helps in comprehension of the news, and which advised a focus on Sports.   But, then, CF/CNS' thorough discussion of public-policy matters is "an idea as old as the Republic." 

Continental Newstime newsmagazine--the "people's public-interest newspaper"sm --which doubles as our newspaper-feature catalog for U.S. and foreign newspaper editors and publishers, contains our investigative reports and a wide variety of newspaper features.  To place an order for primary advertising space in the current large-print edition, send check or money order for US$4.50.  To place a 12-month order, please prepare check or money order for US$54--Canadian and foreign orders are US$86.40 annually. [Orders include the monthly newsletter Inkslinger's Review and, as explained on the Budget Outdoor Ad page, are advertising orders carrying an entitlement to primary advertising space and, potentially, to secondary advertising space.
While supplies of past-month digest-size editions last, you may order a copy-- for mailing to a U.S. destination--just by sending a self-addressed 9" X 12" envelope with postage of US$1.42 affixed.  You will find Continental Newstime general-interest magazine interesting, enjoyable and highly-informative--well worth your time.
    For the last 36+ years, we have published a newsletter for hospital patients--the above-mentioned Inkslinger's Review and consisting of light, informative and entertaining reading.  
    We operated a Washington,D.C.-area news bureau in 1989. Currently, in this age of the Internet, we manage conducting operations in San Diego, California and also operate a news bureau in the Pacific Northwest.  **"With Kids' Newstime and our special news editions...  Continental News publishes a newspaper for every state, over the course of time!"sm 

    *Also, for our rural friends both in the West and East, we continue to offer theCountry Neighbor Editionof Continental Newstime general-interest magazine, on the same terms as above.
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Gary P. Salamone ("America's Editor"),