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Continental Features/Continental News Service publishes work from a number of foreign correspondents: "Dateline: Middle East" by Norman Rubin (Israel); and "Assignment: UK/ Europe" by Steve Healey.

In addition, CF/CNS administers two newspaper-feature divisions: Champion Features and Spirit of '76 Features.  In doing so, we represent the quality features of award-winning travel columnist Ann Hattes("Travelers Checks"), retired American League pitcher David Frost ("Sports and Families"), one-time Hollywood Reporter Managing Editor Harley Lond ("OnVideo"), outdoor columnist Lee Snyder ("The Politics of Nature" and "Getting There From Here"), humor columnist Mike Krivyanski ("No Assignment Too Difficult"), Gary P. Salamone("Question Time With Public Figures"), Greg A. Anderson ("Report on Science"), Charles Hampton Savage ("News and Comment" and "Court Watch"), film critic Leslie Rigoulot ("Movie Talk"), John "Sloop" Biederman ("The News Of Our Time--In Rhyme"),  and Gary P. Salamone/Editor-in-Chief ("Continental Viewpoint").  

CF/CNS caters, in part, with our children's newspaper, on the one hand, and our cartoon line-up, on the other, to the younger generations of on-line and print newspaper readers.  Among the fine newspaper feature cartoonists who produce for our monthly newspaper-feature catalog/periodic newsmagazine, Continental Newstime, are Frank Hill("Milo" and "King's Court")--who has also worked on such studio property as "Dennis the Menace"(and who has written some of the Sunday gaglines)--Dick Leahy ("Great Moments"), Greg Panneitz ("Fusebox"), Brian Crowell ("J.V. All-American"), Mitch Schwenke and Alex Avedikian ("It Could Happen To Hugh!"), Mick Williams ("Mick's Nuts" and "Morons With Money"), Jack Ricketson ("Chumley" and "Haywire History"), Ellsworth E. Jackson ("Blackouts" about African-American life), David Illsley ("Manatee Bay," "Kids Today," "Boomer Blogs,"  "Wet Noses," "Ribs 'n Jibs," "Otto Focus," "Speed Bump," "At the End of the Day," "Born Yesterday," and "Goin' It Alone"), Daryl Jay Frank ("Gilley & Wynn"), M.L. Zanco ("The Upsite, " "Heaven on Earth," "P.U. LITICS," and "The Upside"), David Anthony and Dan Alan ("Kwurks"),  Cliff Ulmer ("The Barlows," "Homeboy,"  "The Center" and "Leah and the Boys"),  David Ward and Bryan Picken ("Arkane Humor," "Reality Not Included," "Ripped from the Headlines" and "Making Waves"), Roger Martin ("The Outer Edge" and "Plato and the Professor"), Phil Jones ("Size and Stupidity"), Carlos Lantigua ("Pipsqueaks"),  Mike Shiell (general cartoon humor), Martin Tanksley ("Cleo"), and Ron Forkner (general cartoon humor).

Those editorial cartoonists, in turn, who exercise their talent under CF/CNS' banner number Christopher Doyle--who focuses on news morsels spanning world, national and California state politics--Cliff Ulmer and PIKE("Portfolio"), whose caricatures of public figures in the news are easily recognizable.

Committed to developing and maintaining a diverse news-gathering organization and newspaper-feature agency, Continental Features/Continental News Service encourages writers, cartoonists and photographers to apply for sponsorship in syndication. Please write us at the address below for our current submission guidelines, enclosing a stamped, self-addressed envelope. An "online" version of these guidelines--kindly specify which one(s) relate(s) to your specific feature proposal--is also available by E-mailing CF/CNS at the E-mail address below. (No telephone calls, please.)

Note to Newspaper Editors/Publishers: You pay only tenths of a cent per subscriber for these newspaper-quality cartoon and text features—your principal cost being printing.  Also, if your newspaper is part of a newspaper chain, you'll be interested to learn that CF/CNS has introduced, feature-pricing reform, too.  For example, instead of paying the feature rate for (a newspaper of) circulation of 20,000-50,000 twice for two newspapers having circulation barely above 20,000 apiece, your group pays only once. 

Please contact: Continental Features/Continental News Service, 501 W. Broadway, Plaza A, PMB# 265, San Diego, CA 92101  (858) 492-8696.  E-mail:

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Kids' NEWSTIME—A sampler of the American children's daily newspaper that could be, first published in the early 1990's and restarted on November 4, 1995, with some interruptions afterward!   Kids, how many newspapers can you read a day?....... This is today's final edition:

​                                                                                                                             VOLUME XX ...NUMBER 139.....NOVEMBER 13, 2019

* News ... Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt announces that he and members of the Governor’s Cabinet will tour McAlester, Oklahoma tomorrow to give residents a progress report on his Administration’s efforts to make Oklahoma a Top Ten state—to establish government accountability, to attract new business and jobs to the state, to develop creative solutions to improving access to health care and to quality public education—and the Governor says that local residents will take their turn, among the state’s 4 million residents, to ask him and Cabinet members questions and to convey how they would like the state government to operate.

* Business ...  The U.S. Commerce Department, acting on complaints from American organized labor and an American steel company, has opened an investigation into claims that India has engaged in unfair trade practices in exporting, to the U.S., $92.6 million in forged steel fittings and that South Korea has engaged in unfair trade practices in its export of $67.6 million of those products to the U.S.; the Department's International Trade Commission will determine by December 9, 2019 whether there is the threat of injury to U.S. business and economic interests and whether U.S. industry or workers have been harmed by unfair trade practices, such as the 45 government subsidy programs said to be provided by the government of India to lower Indian companies’ costs of production.

* Sports... The National Football League (NFL) reports, as Kids' Newstime went to press, that, in Thursday night football action, the Pittsburgh Steelers (5-4) visit the Cleveland Browns (3-6), in a battle of American Football Conference (AFC) North Division against AFC North Division.

* Weather... The National Weather Service forecasts that the coldest spot in the Lower 48 States this afternoon is expected to be Mount Washington, New Hampshire, at 0 degrees Fahrenheit.  Check the map, kids!

* Other earth news... The National Earthquake Information Center (Golden, Colorado) reports that the two highest-magnitude quakes recorded in the combined region of the Philippine Islands and the U.S. Pacific Northwest, earlier today, were of magnitude 4.9 in the Philippine Islands (7.2 miles from Dumabato, Cagayan Valley, Philippines) and 2.6 in the U.S. Pacific Northwest (0.8 mile from Lake Marcel-Stillwater, Washington).  (With an atlas or a globe of the Earth, kids, find these places as quickly as you can.)

* Today in history ... 22 years ago: November 13, 1997—Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein turns U.S. international arms inspectors away from suspected long-range weapons sites in Iraq and announces that Iraq is expelling six U.S. arms inspectors.

* A Quotation worth remembering ... by Franklin D. Roosevelt (32nd U.S. President): "Where control of machines has been retained in the hands of mankind as a whole, untold benefits have accrued to mankind. For mankind was then the master; and the machine was the servant.  But in this new system of force the mastery of the machine is not in the hands of mankind. It is in the control of infinitely small groups of individuals who rule without a single one of the democratic sanctions that we have known.  The machine in hands of irresponsible conquerors becomes the master; mankind is not only the servant; it is the victim, too.  Such mastery abandons with deliberate contempt all the moral values to which even this young country for more than three hundred years has been accustomed and dedicated.  Surely the new philosophy proves from month to month that it could have no possible conception of the way of life or the way of thought of a nation whose origins go back to Jamestown and Plymouth Rock.  Conversely, neither those who spring from that ancient stock nor those who have come hither in later years can be indifferent to the destruction of freedom in their ancestral lands across the sea.  Perception of danger to our institutions may come slowly or it may come with a rush and a shock as it has to the people of the United States in the past few months.  This perception of danger has come to us clearly and overwhelmingly; and we perceive the peril in a world-wide arena—an arena that may become so narrowed that only the Americas will retain the ancient faiths.  Some indeed still hold to the now somewhat obvious delusion that we of the United States can safely permit the United States to become a lone island, a lone island in a world dominated by the philosophy of force."  (June 10, 1940 radio speech to the nation, commonly called "fireside chat.")

retained=kept; untold=countless; accrued to=been added to; contempt=treating as deserving disrespect; Jamestown=colony of Virginia; Plymouth Rock=colony established by the Pilgrims; conversely=oppositely; ancient stock=old families; hither=here; indifferent to=uncaring about; perception=detection; perceive=detect; peril=danger; retain=keep; delusion=myth."