Over the years, Continental Features/Continental News Service (and its original parent company Inkslinger's Review) never published a mission statement.  We simply honored commitments readers noticed we valued in the pages of Continental Newstime magazine and other publications of CF/CNS.  Whether news is breaking in the national (U.S.) or world arena, regardless of the subject matter--defense, business and trade, national security, international relations, public finance, environmental policy, Constitutional liberty, traditional civil rights, social-welfare programs, labor-management disputes, the progression of U.S. Supreme Court decisions--the Continental News Service specializes in covering the unreported and under-reported U.S. and world news.  In fact, one observer wrote that we report "both national and international issues which newspapers and magazines usually treat too generally or, despite their importance, not at all..."  And CF/CNS has interviewed many prominent public figures formerly and/or presently on the national political scene.

  Dear reader, you yourself might wonder why CF/CNS does not jump on the bandwagon of any politician in the U.S.  Our editorials and commentary discuss both public policies which have merit and those of which we disapprove, while not endorsing the candidacy of any politician.  (But that does not mean that CF/CNS does not point out when leaders have been misrepresented or denied a fair hearing.)  Actually, there are at least 3 reasons for this position.  One, the Continental News Service and Continental Newstime magazine thereby maintain our journalistic objectivity.  Two, we easily recall the sense of betrayal we and other Americans experienced after placing the public's trust in various Administrations, only to be rewarded with  revelations of political scandal OR violation of public law.  Three, we dedicate ourselves seriously, anyway, to the principle of constitutionalism, a government based on written, rights-based, non-discriminatory objective laws, not government based on the self-interested, momentary and arbitrary will of any man or group.  Yes, our position squares with that of Washington, Franklin, Adams, Jefferson, Madison and America's other Founding Fathers--and, indeed, with that of America's forefathers generally. As a result, the outcome of our efforts, here at CF/CNS, is a newsmagazine that satisfies a wide variety of reader needs and interests.

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Publisher's Note:

The Continental News Service division of CF/CNS, during its 39 years of operation, has conducted investigative reports into the level of non-cooperation with the FCC's Keep America Connected initiative during the coronavirus public-health emergency, the funeral-home industry; the market-research industry; the adequacy of Congressionally-authorized food-stamp allotments (periodically); gas-pump price gouging and fuel smuggling; service deficiencies in Employment Department programs; non-Bible-based churches' insistence on tithing despite their ineligibility for tithing; school-tutoring programs; the CIA's MKULTRA "program"; the consumer abuses perpetrated by non-profit organizations which operate contests/games/sweepstakes; DUI classroom instruction that notoriously fails to rehabilitate drinking drivers; the unanticipated consequences of various media organizations' abandonment of toll-free telephone numbers; evidence that the overseas-based Association of Christian Journalists has been infiltrated by the Putin regime in Russia; and the cancer-research activities of Fort Detrick, Maryland...Yes, Continental News follows, and inspects, news developments and events near and far in defense of the public interest.  

For example, Continental News has exposed un-elected government in a Northern California city, yes even in the United States of America.  The city council continues to deny all manner of ethnic groups their Constitutionally-protected right to vote and right to elect their public officials.  The council willfully violates California Government Code Section 36512,  also, by appointing members in lieu of election when the law specifically prohibits doing so if a majority or more of council members will have been appointed.  All have been appointed.  We continue to press for elections in this American city.

      Bring an extra sandwich to school for a child-in-need

So that no child sits alone during recess, hungry and with no energy to play, or, as a result, operates academically-disadvantaged compared to other students, the Continental News Service is advancing a promotional campaign that encourages more food-secure people to aid food-insecure households.  Where free or reduced-price National School Lunch Program meals still leave schoolchildren hungry later in the day and where schools have made no provision, or even where schools have made provision, for food pantries or kids' cafes, we urge the food-secure, whether parent or child, to take these steps:

Parents, add a healthy packaged food item in your child's lunch for sharing with a child-in-need.

Take an aseptic cartoon of juice to school for a child-in-need.

Buy an extra packaged sandwich and treat someone new at school.

Order an extra sandwich or food item from the school-based food pantry/kids' café and treat a new friend at school.

Parents, include a child-in-need in your plans when packing your son or daughter's store-bought, packaged lunch items for school.

Take an extra store-bought, packaged sandwich to school for someone new.

Buy a child-in-need lunch today.

Give a child-in-need a non-perishable, healthy packaged food item late in the school day for that child's dinner, or afternoon or evening snack.

The Continental News Service, either independently or with partnering groups, continues to brainstorm to raise awareness and sensitivity  and provide the food-secure with other ideas for meeting the child hunger crisis in their communities.

**Tampering with the Social Security Payroll Tax

The Continental News Service opposed reducing the Payroll Tax when the Obama Administration moved to do so as a means of stimulating the U.S. economy, and we oppose such payroll-tax manipulation by the Trump Administration.  Again speaking editorially, Continental News notes that radio and other talk-show hosts who have lamented the state of the Social Security and Medicare Trust Funds demonstrate  obliviousness to the impact on those Trust Funds of a payroll-tax reduction in the name of stimulating the economy.  No, other means must be found to stimulate the U.S. economy.  We already have an imbalance between retirees and other beneficiaries, on the one hand, and worker contributions, on the other hand.  If anything, the Trust Funds must be strengthened, not depleted further.

Gary P. Salamone/Editor-in-Chief
Continental Features/Continental News Service

View from a "Citizen on the Street"

    One of our patrons suggested that Continental Features/Continental News Service offer a variation of the "Letter to the Editor" opportunity for reader input, and we were immediately on the same wavelength because we believe that many an individual adult, because of his or her unique vantage point in society or government, has some best contribution he or she can make to public-policy making.  It does not matter whether you are contacting us from Taiwan, China, the Ukraine, Rwanda, Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom, Argentina, or anywhere else on the planet.  We are interested in your striking a statesman-like posture, so to speak.  Simply fill out the Webform under the Contact tab above.  That way patrons need not worry about drafting a well-crafted "Letter to the Editor."  Just a simple, well-thought-out idea for improving a government policy or program anywhere on Earth will do.  If you are ordering, or already have placed an order in, Continental Newstime general-interest newsmagazine or the Country Neighbor Edition and if we think your idea meets the above-mentioned requirement, stimulating thoughtful dialogue and best practices around the world, CF/CNS will print your "Citizen on the Street" viewpoint in whichever edition you have ordered. 

One reader favors withdrawing all U.S. troops from Afghanistan, even the military advisors still trying to whip national forces into shape after almost two decades of effort, and placing those American soldiers withdrawn, estimated to number up to 12,000, on the U.S.-Mexican frontier to establish border security.

The national debate orchestrated on not a few issues distorts the facts.  The issue is not whether the U.S. proceeds to "begin constructing a wall on the U.S.-Mexican border."  After all, Americans, at a minimum, can access Internet photos of the wall that currently exists on some portions of that border.  Official government reports measure in excess of 650 miles of barriers of one kind or another on the U.S.-Mexican border.  While some portions of the "fenced border" are inadequate for preventing all forms of illegal entry into the U.S., there are 352.8 miles of pedestrian or primary fencing, 36 miles of secondary fencing behind pedestrian or primary fencing, and 299.8 miles of vehicle-barrier fencing.  As a result, the actual issue, instead, is whether the U.S. moves to "continue, or extend, and strengthen the existing wall the full length of the 1,900-mile-plus U.S.-Mexican border."  And it is not Mr. Trump's wall; it's the American people's wall.

Continental Features/Continental News Service

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One unsound public policy often compensates for another ill-advised public policy, and, so the Obama Administration, for one, compensated for the social engineering of abortion that has destroyed the worker-to-retiree ratio in our Social Security program, through an attempt to throw open the country's borders to illegal immigration, not only to camouflage that policy failure, but to increase the ratio of  workers to retirees and pad the vote totals of Mr. Obama's political party.

Editor's Note: There is more sense in designating Democrat-dominated states as red states and Republican-dominated states as blue states.  Can the reader who likes to use labels understand why?

Continental Features/Continental News Service

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