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​* Congressional News Briefs ... Senator Tina Smith, together with Senator Amy Klobuchar and more than 30 of their colleagues, are advocating a Congressional Review Act resolution that will allow the Senate and the House of Representatives to void an administrative rule of Education Secretary Betsy DeVos by a simple majority vote in each house of Congress.  Senator Smith says the DeVos rule weakens the student-borrower defense rule to the extent that student-loan borrowers wronged by their schools or disadvantaged because their schools have folded will experience greater difficulty collecting relief, because the statute of limitations on claims for relief expires three years after a student has left school, not necessarily when a school's "misconduct" is discovered; because the rule bans class-action lawsuits and requires mandatory arbitration; because students are now required to prove that their schools intentionally harmed them; because borrowers are denied the right to reconsideration even when they have new evidence to present on a denied claim; and because the DeVos rule is expected to slash student-borrower relief by some $11.1 billion.  In addition, joined by Senators Edward Markey and Richard Blumenthal in the wake of the Equifax security breach and settlement concession, Senator Smith has introduced the Data Broker Accountability and Transparency Act, saying, "Given the frequency of data breaches and the large volume of data being collected, it's clear that we need to ramp up our efforts to protect American consumers and hold these bad actors accountable."  Toward those objectives, the Senator notes that the proposed legislation would, among other things, enable consumers to stop data brokers from sharing, selling or using their personal information in marketing and require data brokers to establish comprehensive privacy and data-security procedures and afford consumers reasonable notice of data breaches.  Also, the Federal Trade Commission would be tasked with creating a centralized Website containing consumer-rights information and a list of covered data brokers.  Further, the Senator observes that the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee has adopted several provisions she crafted to enhance the country's energy-storage capabilities.  Author of the 2019 Promoting Grid Storage Bill, Senator Smith explains that the provisions incorporated into the bipartisan energy-storage measure subject to full Senate consideration  are designed to spur research and development, promote greater use of clean energy, and enlarge the energy-storage capacity of the country's electric grid.

* Governor's Office News Briefs ...  Governor Tim Walz, together with Lieutenant-Governor Peggy Flanagan and the Women's Foundation of Minnesota, announces that the Young Women's Cabinet of the Young Women's Initiative of Minnesota has 22 vacancies to fill with young women between the ages of 16 and 24 from under-represented and other communities in the state; the Governor says that he will appoint the 22 new members of the 32-member Cabinet after the application deadline of October 18 and that the Young Women's Cabinet offers opportunities for women of different backgrounds to improve leadership skills, to make recommendations for reforming state-government policies, and to achieve equal opportunity for women and girls. In November, 2017, participants adopted an action plan that spells out 20 recommendations so young women in the state can capitalize on opportunities to accomplish equity in areas of financial stability and prosperity; safety and violence prevention; education and lifelong learning; cultural and self-identity; health and wellness; and family and care-giving.  The Governor has commented, as well on the Pathways to Decarbonizing Transportation in Minnesota report, which was prepared by the Office of Sustainability and Public Health inside the Minnesota Department of Transportation and funded, besides, by the Minnesota Environmental Quality Board.   Acknowledging the work of the Great Plains Institute, too, in conducting a webinar and managing an on-line citizen survey, he asserted that "this report brings a One Minnesota approach to tackling climate change."  Walz added, "We know our state must take action to reduce emissions in our transportation sector, improve public health, and unleash the Green Economy—this report shows the path to get there."  Specifically, the report sets the Department on a course to form a Sustainable Transportation Advisory Council, to bring about regional coordination in establishing electric-vehicle corridors, and to measure greenhouse-gas emissions in transportation projects.  Likewise, the Pathways report advises state adoption of clean-car standards that prescribe an agenda for auto makers entailing greater consumer choice in electric-vehicle models and a commitment to cultivating a market in new and used electric vehicles across  Minnesota.   Aiming  to  cut  annual  greenhouse-gas  emissions  2 million tons  by 2030,  the Governor  has  directed  the  Minnesota


Pollution Control Agency to enforce clean-car standards requiring auto makers to deliver to the state more motor vehicles emitting lower greenhouse-gas emissions, while requiring auto makers to deliver more vehicles meeting an ultra-low or zero-emissions standard.  Finally, concerned about the contamination by PFAS (per- and polyfluoralkyl substances) chemicals of drinking water on and near some 401 military sites across the country, the Governor has allied with 14 other state governors to press the Armed Services Committees in Congress to pass a fiscal-year 2020 National Defense Authorization Bill that mirrors the states' own bans on the use of the substances in fire-fighting foam and in mattresses and residential textiles, since the substances are linked to liver damage, thyroid cancer, and testicular and kidney cancers.  Walz and his colleagues emphasize, too, the importance of preserving stipulations in the bill establishing a role for the Environmental Protection Agency in setting PFAS health standards.

* County Government News Briefs … The Hennepin County Board of Commissioners has arranged further meetings on the 2020 fiscal-year budget and they are set to take place on October 10 between 1 PM and 4 PM and relate to Public Works; on October 17 also between 1 PM and 4 PM and concern Human Services and Public Health; and on October 21 between 9 AM and 12 Noon and pertain to Public Safety.  County Administrator David Hough has proposed an overall budget of $2.5 billion, and the County Board has already approved a 4.75-percent increase in the maximum property-tax levy, making it $868,958,906.  In its capacity as the Housing and Redevelopment Authority, the Board has approved a $16.5-million, maximum 2020 property-tax levy, and the proposed $20-million budget is expected to create more than 200 units for some of the most housing-challenged County residents.  Next, in its capacity as the Regional Railroad Authority, the Board okayed a proposed maximum property-tax levy of $30 million, and the Authority's proposed budget of $40 million is calculated to support the County's Southwest and Bottineau light-rail transit projects.  Based on McKnight Foundation funding, small businesses in the Bottineau Corridor can tap technical assistance to strengthen their standing in preparation for the planned METRO Blue Line Extension.  In November, property owners are due to receive a consolidated notice showing the impact on their properties of the County's maximum levy and of the taxes proposed by cities and school districts.  Then, beginning at 6 PM on December 3, a Truth in Taxation public meeting will examine the proposed levies, but the property-tax levy the Board adopts cannot exceed the maximum levy already approved.

* City Government News Briefs ... The City Council has scheduled meetings today of the Heritage Preservation Commission at 4:30 PM in Room 317 of City Hall and of the Police Conduct Oversight Commission Audit Subcommittee at 6 PM in Room 241 of City Hall; October 2 of the Public Safety & Emergency Management Committee at 10 AM in Room 317, of the Housing Policy & Development Committee at 1:30 PM in the same Room, of the Pedestrian Advisory Committee at 4 PM in Room 333, of the Charter Commission at 4 PM in Room  317, of the Minneapolis Advisory Committee On People With Disabilities Access Committee at 5 PM in Room 132, and of the Northside Green Zone Task Force at 5:30 PM in the Farview Park Rec Center; and October 3 of the Zoning & Planning Committee at 10 AM in Room 317 and of the Economic Development & Regulatory Services Committee at 1:30 PM in Room 317.

* School District News Briefs ... Superintendent of Schools Ed Graff announces that the Minnesota Public Schools District has planned a Bike and Walk to School Day on October 2, a Board of Education Meeting on October 7 at 3:30 PM, a Latino Parents Advisory Council Meeting on October 9 beginning at 4 PM, a Black Parents Advisory Council Meeting on October 14 (4 PM), and Parent-Teacher Conferences and a Hmong Parents Advisory Council Meeting (with school out) on October 16.

* Weather …  The National Weather Service reports that, as of 3:53 PM Central Daylight Time, light rain is falling at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, with a current temperature  of 52 degrees Fahrenheit, wind out of the northeast at 10 miles per hour, the dewpoint standing at 49 degrees, barometric pressure of 30.01 inches, and visibility of 8 miles.   The forecast for this afternoon calls for showers, a high temperature of about 56 degrees, north wind of approximately 10 miles per hour, a 90-percent chance of precipitation, and new precipitation amounts of between one-tenth inch and one-quarter inch possible.   Tonight, showers are likely, chiefly before midnight.  Cloudy conditions, a low temperature of about 47 degrees, north-northeast wind of approximately 10 miles per hour, a 60-percent chance of precipitation, and new precipitation amounts totaling between one-tenth inch and one-quarter inch are expected.   On Wednesday, the Weather Service anticipates a 50-percent chance of showers, but mainly after 3 PM, along with cloudy skies, a daily high temperature of about 53 degrees, and northeast wind of about 10 miles per hour.

* Sports ...The Twins go into the American League playoffs having won 101 games and 8 of their final 10 regular-season games, poised to pay an October 4th visit to the Yankees, who have won only two more games during the regular season.  Two days later, in the NFL, the Vikings (2-2) are scheduled to play a 1 PM game on the road against the Giants, who are also 2 and 2.    Meantime, in the National Hockey League, the Wild kick off their 2019-2020 season with a visit to Nashville on October 3 for a 7 PM face-off, and in NBA pre-season action, the Timberwolves are set to visit the Phoenix Suns on October 8 for a game in the Talking Stick Resort Arena.  

The News of Our Time—in Rhyme                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            By John “Sloop” Biederman

A Japanese temple of Buddhism

broke new ground! Its new preacher dude, is, um…

AI! AI? Geez be

idea so cheezy

this isn’t Buddhism—it’s Goudism!

Scott Waring, medy’a’s UFO man,

sees Bigfoot on Mars! With it, go man!

There’s Elvis—in crater!

Second Shooter!  Wait!  There—

ain’t that the Abom’nable Snowman?

Warren, Sanders have plans they’ve touted

to save news!  But, ’fore “Hooray’s” shouted…

Though stoked topic’s addressed,

this is what Dems are best

at—take problem…and talk about it!

Format, local news, long construed,

game days, NFL, to include

“highlights”—to relive it!

When team’s lost, please give it

a rest—we’re just not in the mood!

Question Time with Public Officials

The American public expects public officials to deal with, rather than dodge, difficult public-policy problems, to be transparent in their public-policy positions, and to state their views confidently, thoughtfully and boldly.  One week was allowed to finalize the response, by E-mail, of each of the Presidential candidates listed below.
The Continental News Service had announced its intention to publish results of this multi-respondent poll in its on-line newspapers over the course of time, and these newspapers include its Washington D.C. News Edition, Chicago News Edition, Honolulu News Edition, Atlanta News Edition, Anchorage News Edition, Boston News Edition, Seattle News Edition, Miami News Edition, San Diego News Edition, Rochester (N.Y.) News Edition, Minneapolis News Edition, and Houston News Edition.

Would you, Senator/Representative/Governor, support  legislation, or even sponsor legislation, ending all federal government grants to Planned Parenthood if it was conducted in an even-handed and non-discriminatory manner; that is, likewise ending all federal and federally-subsidized state grants to faith-based and all other non-profit groups,  whatever their specific tax-code classification?
 __ Yes.  Uncheck "No Comment."  My reasoning is ________________________________________________________________________________.
 __ No.  Uncheck "No Comment."  My reasoning is _________________________________________________________________________________.
 X No Comment.  Senator Kamala Harris, Senator Cory Booker, Senator Bernie Sanders, Senator Elizabeth Warren, Representative Tulsi Gabbard, Washington Governor Jay Inslee.



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This is a Special Issue designed only to encourage a would-be editor-publisher in Union County, Florida to start a regular weekly or bi-weekly newspaper and to show that, using the structured format below, the proverbial wheel need not be re-invented—to eliminate the complexity in restoring newspaper coverage to Union County.  Just as our Website indicates, Continental Features/Continental News Service is available to give guidance, to offer some cartoons/comic strips and other feature material free of charge, and to help a new local editor-publisher expand by 26 pages one time monthly for readers interested in receiving a general-interest magazine insert. CF/CNS desires more exposure for our cartoons, comic strips and newspaper columns, but we do not exist to compete with a local editor-publisher in Union County, Florida.  We publish too many other newspapers and publications to regularly publish a Union County community newspaper, too.  It is our hope, besides, that a local editor-publisher in Union County will not neglect to publish ads, so local businesses receive wider publicity for their products and services.  Thank you.


Union County News Edition of Continental Newstime
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Plaza A, PMB# 265
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* State Government News Briefs … Governor Ron DeSantis has announced that reforms at the Florida Division of Emergency Management (FDEM) have allowed hurricane-recovery funding to be distributed more quickly and, as a result, more than $1 billion in such funding has been awarded since January 8.  Specifically, FDEM stopped requiring hurricane-recovery projects to be 100-percent validated before funds are awarded, instead releasing half the eligible funding when a project is 50-percent validated.  The Governor says that this accomplishment is a "testament to our unwavering commitment to every community impacted by recent hurricanes" and to federal support, and he has vowed to "continue to examine every hurricane-recovery resource and every power in my executive authority to ensure that these communities continue to rebuild."  FDEM Director Jared Moskowitz notes that putting in place new procedures to speed FEMA reimbursements to communities struck by hurricanes Michael, Irma, Matthew and Hermine has meant: "The days of counties and cities waiting years for reimbursement and having to pay costly loans are over."  Meantime, the Governor says that the Trump Administration not only granted 45 days of 100-percent federal-cost share for Hurricane Michael debris removal and emergency-protection measures, instead of the usual 5 days, but increased the federal cost share for Hurricane Michael from 75 percent to 90 percent, saving the state and local communities hundreds of millions of dollars.

* County Government News Briefs … Union County is now operating under a 2019-2020 fiscal-year budget that projects total General Fund revenue and expenditures of $7,267,543.  The Solid Waste Management account estimates revenues and expenditures totaling $1,333,773; the Animal Control budget, $14,100; the Mosquito Control budget, $102,009; the E-911 Fund, $478,383; the Emergency Management budget, $358,247; the Emergency Medical Services budget, $1,663,990; the Fire Department budget, $144,125; the locally-funded County Public Library budget, $206,493; the state-funded County Public Library budget, $115,405; the Transportation Trust Fund budget, $4,024,507; the SHIP (State Housing Initiatives Partnership) Local Housing Assistance Trust Fund, $350,228; and, among other budget accounts, the Special Law Enforcement budget, $1,309,323.  County Commissioners, just days ago, held a meeting to discuss a proposal to use Florida Recreation Development Assistance Program grant money for improvements to the O..J. Phillips Recreation Park on State Road 121 and Southwest 84th Street.  Besides, County Commissioners announced that they would receive Statements of Qualifications to furnish Professional Consulting Services no later than 4 PM on October 10.  Likewise, the purpose of the meeting was to solicit Qualifications for Professional Engineering Services.

* City Government News Briefs …   Lake Butler City Commissioners have scheduled a regular meeting for October 15 to take up an agenda including such items of business as approval of Financial Reports for September, 2019; purchase of a portable welder/generator; approval of Longevity Compensation for City employees; payment of Florida League of Cities annual dues; examination of a Codes Enforcement report; scheduling of a Public Meeting concerning a USDA (U.S. Department of Agriculture) grant; consideration of a proposed Historic Preservation Ordinance; and review of a Department of Corrections contract for water and wastewater services.  With respect to the Code Enforcement report of October 3, covering the month of September, City Code Enforcement Officer "Lyn" Williams reported on the status of 10 beautification and other issues and revealed spending approximately 20  hours  in  routine  patrol  of the City—apart  from the patrols of  the Union  County  Sheriff's  Office—16  hours  on  meetings,  on  


research of  City  Ordinances  and property owners,  and on follow-up and re-inspections of past property found in compliance and not listed on the report of October 3; and 24 hours on the active cases listed in the report.  Concerning the Consolidated Vehicle Report for September, the nine drivers assigned various City vehicles logged anywhere from 215 miles to 748 miles, depending upon their work duties, while reporting use of anywhere from 21 to 118 gallons of fuel.  The ending mileage on the City vehicles used ranged from 2,342 miles to 134,815 miles.  Now, the Longevity Bonus draft prepared by the City Manager and Deputy City Manager, for review by Mayor Fred Sirmones and the City Commission, proposes payment of $200 to those employees with 4 to 7 years of City service; $300, for those with 8 to 15 years of service; $400, 16 to 20 years; $500, 21 to 30 years; and $600, 31 or more years.  Payable each year on the third Tuesday in December, the City entertains what it considers a token of its appreciation for long-term employees' loyalty and dedication to learning their jobs.  Since not all 11 City employees have established this degree of longevity in employment, the total that would initially be payable for 2019 under this plan is $1,300, five employees qualifying.  Issuing his monthly report for October, City Manager Dale M. Walker, commenting on staff development, has recommended that employees read Stephen Covey's book, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.  In addition, Walker reports that the City has received a $24,100 Hazard Mitigation Grant from the State Division of Emergency Management for purchase and installation of a large generator in the main lift station, the generator capable of withstanding 140-mile-per-hour winds in a building capable of withstanding a 500-year flood.  Then, too, there are grant opportunities available through USDA for money to purchase a backhoe, and, although a prior City application was denied, the City will persist in its quest for a grant.  In fact, the City has arranged a Special Public Meeting for 6 PM, on October 15, at City Hall, to discuss filing of a USDA Rural Development Grant Application, the funds to be used for purchase of a backhoe. Thirdly, there is USDA grant money available, as well, for welcome signage, so, with the object being to install a welcome sign in the triangle across from Hardee's before the close of the 2020 fiscal-year, the City will seek approval from the Florida Department of Transportation to erect a gateway sign.

* School District News Briefs …  Union County School District Superintendent Carlton Faulk announces that the next School Board meeting is set for November 12 at 6 PM and that the Board will be conducting a Reorganization Meeting at that time.  The District’s Athletic Department reports that the Union County High School Boys Varsity Football Team (3-4) attempts to even its win-loss record on October 18 in a 7:30 PM game at home against Hawthorne.  Games against Jordan Christian Prep on October 25 at home and on the road against Keystone Heights on November 1 follow.

* Weather …  The National Weather Service reports clears skies in Lake Butler, as of 12:18 AM Eastern Daylight Time, with an overnight low temperature of 64 degrees Fahrenheit, wind out of the south-southwest at 1 mile per hour, relative humidity of 92 percent, and a 10-percent chance of precipitation.  The forecast for Monday calls for partly-cloudy skies, a daily high temperature of 89 degrees, wind out of the southwest at 3 miles per hour, relative humidity of 64 percent, and a 20-percent chance of precipitation.

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